Wild Skills

Adventure Awaits!

  • Wild Skills Parties
  • Our Wild Skills Adventure Courses can be tailored for a Birthday Party too!
  • Learn Exciting Bush Craft Skills
  • in the Woods and River Trails.

Wild Skills Wednesdays!

Get hands-on learning practical survival skills in the magical river meadows, woods and countryside that surround Honeybrook Farm. Courses will run every 10am – 3pm Wedneday throughout the School Summer Holidays starting 22nd July. 10am – 3pm. £25 per child – all equipment and refreshments are provided but practical clothing, footwear and a packed lunch will is essential! Ages 7 plus.

Wild Skills Day Courses

Get hands-on learning practical survival skills. Have a go at fire lighting and building shelters all using the natural materials you fin around you. learn to tie knots, navigate around the woods, forage for food all in the great outdoors.


Come to Honeybrook for a session of bushcraft and fun in the Wild Skills Den and Camp. Learn how to light a campfire the old fashioned way, build a shelter to protect you from the elements and toast some marshmallows!

Parties can be tailored to your needs, from a minimum of 2 hours and have a maximum of 10 children. All Wild Skills parties include a tractor ride to the location.